Saturday, October 08, 2011

Ron Lancaster and George Reed

1992 All World CFL #96 Saskatchewan Checklist
Acquired - Purchased 2003 or 2004

I'll start off with probably my favorite card in my autograph collection.  I wish I could say that I got this one myself, but I didn't.  Many of my first signed cards for players that played before 2003 were acquired from other people who had obtained the autographs - this was one of those cards.

I did feel very lucky to have gotten this card back when I did - just starting my autograph collection and I get a card with the two greatest players in Rider history?  I considered this (and still do) pretty much gold.  And now, considering Ron Lancaster has passed away, this card is even that much more special to me.  I'll get more into the histories of these two players with some other cards that I'll post later on.

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